Immediate Service We Offer in Light of Recent Events

Immediate Service We Offer in Light of Recent Events

In light of recent events regarding COVID19, we are doing our best to help you abide by the recommended social distancing. We are offering immediate solutions for your business and home. These services will allow you to work from home, send your employees home, and school your children at home.

Great Computers and Laptops – Come support local businesses and avoid the large crowds at big box stores. We are able to get you exactly what you need in person or over the phone. We have also enacted many safety precautions to keep things sanitary and keep you safe!

Software or Hardware Solutions – We have software programs we can install that will allow you to remote into your work computer via VPN (Virtual Private Network). We also have a hardware router system that we can install in your office to create a safe network for your employees to log into their computer remotely.

Internet-Powered Business Phone Solutions – Use an app on your cell phone, a program on your computer, or a desktop VOIP phone to answer all you phone calls. Options to transfer calls to employees, a text messaging option for employees or customers to keep in contact, and video options for both employee meetings or to meet with clientele. This will allow you to handle normal business operations without needing to go into the office. This is a great option for doctor/patient visits!

Remote Services for Business or Home Users – We have an option to send you an invitation to remote into your computer to help you with a variety of issues. We’ve fixed virus cleanups, printer issues, or email problems just to name a few! We can handle many things remotely!

We are recommending businesses to take advantage of our FREE Business Evaluation, and if you need a remote service done call us today at:

928-775-5475 or 928-445-6700!

We are here to take care of you during this trying time.

Click here to see a detailed list of measures we are putting into place to keep things sanitized and keep you safe!