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Great service! Able to analyze a complex situation and resolve the problem. Terrific follow up as well!!
I get so nerve-wracked when my computer breaks. I botched a hardware repair on my Mac and found PC Works on Yelp and asked for a price quote. It was quite...
Jim L.
11:52 09 Sep 20
Very helpful and friendly staff explained recommendations thoroughly and provided detailed explanation of charges upon payment. Highly recommend.
Barbara Wolpow
16:58 04 Sep 20
Worried that our 10 year old MacBookPro was about to give up the ghost, PC Works ordered the latest MacBookPro directly from Apple at cost. As seniors not all that tech savvy, they were most helpful in transferring data from the old to the new computer as well as getting us familiar with the new one.
Lloyd Scanlan
23:49 03 Sep 20
I needed to change hard drives in my Dell Laptop and move my data to the new drive.This is always a scary situation as data/apps/operating system are...
John D.
10:26 24 Aug 20
Zion was super helpful in repairing my Mac after I brought it in with water damage. I was concerned it was a lost cause. After a software installation it was good as new and it saved me from buying a new computer. Would definitely return in the future.
Samantha Paine
15:42 23 Aug 20
I brought in my HP Envy Laptop which is only 2 years old. I thoughtthe edges were separating and when I noticed a 1" opening on oneside I knew there was a problem. I brought it in and sat with Mat who took one look at it and said it was the battery. Which had a slight chance of exploding. I had him run a whole diagnostic as well as replacing thebattery. Everything else was fine. It was a faulty battery which should have lasted at least 8 years. I was extremely pleased with the service andthe way I was treated. Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable. I woulddefinitely use them again. I have written to HP to request reimbursementfor the defective battery. Thank you PC Works for everything
Ellen Klein
22:42 22 Aug 20
I am very impressed with their quick response to help me with my computer problems.
Michelle Opheikens
22:27 21 Aug 20
I brought in my 5 year old HP laptop and an old external hard drive I wasn't sure could be repaired and was willing to pay the diagnostic fee (which was reasonable) to find out. I found the technician's honesty and integrity about the feasibility of repairing the equipment (repairs were not feasible) to be absolutely refreshing. The equipment wasn't worth repairing at what it would cost to purchase new and I haven't been told that by ANY repair firm for anything in a very long time. I would highly recommend and would use their services again. They want the customer to be satisfied. Thank you.
Sandra Pirghaibi
22:44 17 Aug 20
Great work by professionals!
Amirah Ashe
09:28 15 Aug 20
Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. I appreciated Matt’s professional demeanor and follow up.
Great IT company to work with!
Kathy Murphy Grendell
03:45 06 Aug 20
Very friendly and Professional fixed me up with a new computer since my old computer hard drive was going out, I will go to PC Works for all repairs.
jerry childers
22:08 20 Jul 20
Joshua was prompt, efficient, had good ideas and an expert with Apple products. Thanks so much for assisting in our IT needs.
Lynn Reich
15:24 19 Jul 20
Very professional and helpful, my hard drive was going out, I was told i would lose all my pictures Etc. so they set me up with a new computer and back up system in less then a day, I will go back to them for all repairs very good people
Jerry Childers
16:41 17 Jul 20
We are moving to Prescott and needed a company to put together our network for our home. Joshua came out and made modem and router recommendations and...
Kurt K.
07:46 18 Jun 20
I was having issues with my Dell Precision Laptop. PC Works schedule me for the next day. They were very professional and helpful. They were very honest with what I needed for my PC and didn't try and sell me something I didn't need. I will definitely be going back to them for any future PC issues.
Nick Jacovitte
20:19 12 Jun 20
I had a wonderful experience with Josh and Chris! They were patient and helpful with my questions, very prompt with their excellent service, and reasonably priced. It is reassuring to know I now have someone I can depend on should I have any future issues with my PC
Rhoda Reilly
17:44 09 Jun 20
They where super quick to help and explained everything so that I understood it! I'm very happy with this company and will be recommending them to my friends and family
Athena Sligo
15:00 29 May 20
I bought some ddr3 used for a good price. And had it the same day.
George Wallace
21:36 28 May 20
I'm new to the area so when my HP laptop had an issue I needed to find a new IT person to help me out of my bind. I checked Google Maps for repair shops near by and found PC Works. I liked what I read in the reviews so called and made an appointment. I can say that they exceeded my expectations. Matt was courteous and talked to me in a way I could understand about what was going on with my computer. He made quick work of repairing it. I would highly recommend PC Works,
Valerie Ames
00:44 13 May 20
I was impressed with their professionalism and knowledge about computers. They really listened to me even if my questions may have sounded stupid to them. Even after they worked on my computer they tried to explain, what to them, must have been something everyone knew.
charles clegg
17:11 12 May 20
We just began working with PC Works, but so far are extremely happy. Everyone is professional and Patrick (our tech) is extremely knowledgeable. He was able to work around some interesting problems inherent with our system. I feel confident that PC works can handle any problem we throw at them!!!
Brian Kleinman
16:24 11 May 20
We just began working with PC Works, but so far are extremely happy. Everyone is professional and Patrick (our tech) is extremely knowledgeable. He was able to work around some interesting problems inherent with our system. I feel confident that PC works can handle any problem we throw at them!!!
Brian Kleinman
16:22 11 May 20
Very good experience with PC Works. Very friendly and they were quick to get my computer back to me. Did exactly what I asked them to do. Will definitely recommend this family run business.
Dream Seeker
12:25 11 May 20
I have been extremely pleased and grateful for the excellent service from PC Works!! They are so very knowledgeable and helpful and quick to respond to my requests. They have assisted me at the office as well as at home and always teach me something new. I would highly recommend this company and will continue to ask for their assistance. They are super friendly and very easy to communicate with!!!
Ann Roberts
17:11 10 May 20
Very professional, very accommodating, very quick. Definitely will return for my next PC repair/assistance.
Bill Rogers
16:52 10 May 20
+I was in dire need of a computer upgrade and cleaning and pc works was quick to respond, professional and cordial in their connections I would highly...
Eli H.
16:49 24 Apr 20
Fast & satisfied service ! Highly recommend
Kristin Vasquez
12:42 23 Apr 20
I purchased a new I Mac from PC works. The price I paid for the computer was extremely competitive. My old computer data was down loaded and put into my...
Jerry S.
11:19 20 Apr 20
I had a major problem with my Macbook after I did an OS update that disabled a few of my utilities and programs associated with printing and scanning. Apple support was of no help as they said I could not downgrade. Luckily, I have an older MacBook that still had the older OS but I could not figure out how to get my programs and data from my Newer Macbook to the Older Macbook so that I could continue to utilize my programs. PC Works was very helpful and saved the day. Well worth the money.
Michael Carter
17:38 19 Apr 20
The folks at PC Works did a fantastic job upgrading my computer within one day, and with the most respectful and service oriented attention. They did a great job asking me what I wanted exactly, and delivered! I'm grateful to have found a resource for all of my future IT needs. A Very Satisfied Customer! 🙂
Nicki R
15:20 17 Apr 20
I was in a rush and my laptop took it's last breathe.. I'm new in the area and looked on the reviews and decided to give PC Works a try. I own my own toner business and was doing a huge quote when my computer froze..
I went to PC works and they sold me laptop for my budget and my needs. I know little of computers and had to trust them when they said my computer could not be fixed. I counted on the reviews to guide me.
I'm extremely happy with my budget laptop.. I'm grateful to have found PC Works.. I will recommend them to anyone for their home computer or business.
Terri Williams
19:14 15 Apr 20
Very professional and efficient! Zion went above and beyond to explain all of my options. I highly recommend PC Works! I will be back!
S Wolfe
21:51 15 Mar 20
Very thorough and professional group. I’ll be using them forever!
Sally Noble Spaulding
04:16 14 Mar 20
They are friendly, considerate, competent, and reasonably priced. What more do you want?
Joetta Forsyth
21:49 13 Feb 20
I was on a business trip and needed some help with my portable printer/scanner. PC Works took care of me as soon as we arrived, Zion was very professional and had me on the way in no time, reasonably priced. I would recommend them.
Dave Schoolmeester
18:59 29 Jan 20
Fast friendly service, computer is running smooth again, thank you!
Amy Davis
13:35 28 Jan 20
Fast friendly service, computer is running smooth now, thank you!
A Davis
13:31 28 Jan 20
I spoke with Zion and explained what the issues were with my Mac computer. He indicated that considering what we need to be done to fix the computer he would recommend that I bring it to his facility as opposed to having a technician come to my home. He felt because of the time involved it would be more economical. When I took the computer add to the facility I checked in with another employee Eric. The work was accomplished quickly as promised. The price quoted was the price I paid. Additionally, I was given some helpful advice from Zion in order to avoid having the problem occur again.If I need additional service on this or my other computers I will definitely come here. Good service timely service well qualified individuals definitely a five-star experience.
John Tharp
01:09 09 Jan 20
Fast Friendly and saved me from spending a ton of $$ on a new computer. My computer is running Awesome now. Thank you Pc Works team.
Natalie Watson
00:49 06 Jan 20
GREAT SERVICE!2019 - I took my Mac in because it was running slow. Zion took good care of it, fixed it up and now it's running great again. These guys are great! I highly recommend for all your computer needs! 2018 - I took my MAC in with a corrupt operating system and these guys had me back up and running in 2 days! I highly recommend PC Works.
Melissa Macis
23:14 05 Jan 20
Lisa Schoolmeester
16:52 30 Dec 19
PC Works is fantastic. I have been using them for over 5 years. They are excellent at explaining what your job will entail and an estimated cost. I just upgraded 2 desktop computers from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and everything was perfect. PC Works is definitely my "go to" computer company.
J Denise King
17:54 20 Dec 19
Had a laptop issue and had to have everything backed up. PC Works is very professional and had the work done quickly. They even followed up several weeks later to make sure everything was still working as it should. Would use them again for sure.
Barb Palmer
17:51 18 Dec 19
Very professional and honest they diagnosed my laptop told me it was not financially worth it to fix my laptop they could of said they would fix it and it still not of been right. Very happy with there honesty and service
Debbie McBride
04:36 15 Dec 19
Very professional and capable folks. Dedicated to fixing the problems with my new Mac and data transfer failure. I used their in home service and Zion worked quickly and confidently. We love having such great support on our team. They are scheduled to come and help us with our backup system and WiFi network improvements as well.
GeoffnDawn LaGary
19:47 14 Dec 19
Great service as usual! I live in Prescott Valley and drive all the way across town to get my computer repaired at PC Works, because they're the best in the area.
Jay Boyer
17:20 12 Dec 19
They are friendly , fast, knowledgable, and reasonably priced.
Pamela Ingram
19:49 17 Nov 19
This is one outstanding Full Service Computer Center. I have recently moved to the Prescott area and my desktop computer failed. I found PC Works by web search and the reviews were not disappointing. Zion diagnosed my system quickly and we agreed on a course of action for repair. Spot-on and working perfectly. PC Works professional quality for hardware repair and service gives me confidence to use them on other services they offer such as Website design and future system requirements. I am now a big fan of this organization!
Mark J. Bergh
18:24 11 Nov 19
Having just moved to Prescott, I find myself searching rather blindly for services and sources for repairs and supplies. My custom built computer failed recently and I used the usual search sources (Google) to find a computer repair service. PC Works was a perfect find and was able to promptly diagnose and provide a solution to my issues. They quickly sourced a replacement motherboard and had my system operational. The price was right and workmanship was clean professional. I really appreciate they did not try to 'sell me' on a replacement or upgrade which I was expecting. I am a solid fan of PC Works and will use them again!
Mark Bergh
18:18 11 Nov 19
These team members are awesome. They worked on my computer and fixed it and did their work with friendly professional smiles! I highly recommend them!!!
Cecelia Jernegan
19:10 09 Nov 19
I would absolutely recommend this business and have. You will soon be fixing a little Apple belonging to a friend of mine.

I have been using this place before it was even a business, and have been doing so for well over a decade. I've NEVER had an issue with any repair, any computers fixed by these people have been fixed properly.
Sandy R. Frazier
06:52 09 Nov 19
This is the best computer repair company I have ever used. Zion was very friendly and fixed my computer quickly and for a very low price. I would absolutely recommend this company.
Ultimate C
23:44 30 Oct 19
I love PC Works, they have solved all my problems. Any problems I just call. They are all very nice people. Their rates ae reasonable and they know what they are doing. If your looking for someone to help with your computer, give them a call.
Sandi McGill
21:29 21 Oct 19
Did exactly what they said they would and in the time they said they would. Will use them again for sure.
Harold Greenberg
21:23 19 Oct 19
The PC Works gang are knowledgeable and efficient. They explained all the work they would do along with the costs "before" starting the work. The next time I have a computer issue PC Works will be my "go to" techs.
Gary Cicci
19:47 09 Oct 19
My desktop would not start up after reconnecting it after a furniture move, and PC Works found the problem the same day, with quick, professional service at a fair price. Very impressive service.
Robert Reaney Sr
18:16 30 Sep 19
Great people and great service - they even saved me a trip when finished!
Anne Lunsford
17:13 25 Sep 19
Wonderful customer service and are very helpful overall
Hannah Willer
04:19 23 Sep 19
I have worked with The PC Works for both business and personal computers needs. Professional, informative, prompt. I can not say enough good things about their team.
Malea Mangone
17:26 20 Sep 19
My router was failing. Rob came out and replaced my router with a new dual band Asus router. Rob was very fast and very pleasant and professional. He tested my signal throughout my house and set up my network with the new router. I am very pleased with Rob and PC Works. I highly recommend them.
Kasey Dream
20:24 19 Sep 19
My desktop failed… And they were able to access my hard drive and back everything up. I was happy with that. They were reasonably fast and efficient and explain things well. I will definitely use them again.
18:56 12 Sep 19
Professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I have recommended them to friends, and will continue to do so. Heaven forbid I have another computer problem that unplugging won't fix, I'll be back myself.I did return for another problem and an upgrade after a year. My previous comments still hold true.
Walt Crites
02:38 07 Sep 19
Great service! They understand how limited my knowledge is and can figure out what I am really asking for. They are super friendly and helpful. They know how to speak to people as well as computers. Their pricing is reasonable. I would recommend them without hesitation.
Sheila Johnson
21:13 03 Sep 19
I'm pleased to have been a customer of PC Works since they were hosting Descent gaming nights more than a dozen years ago. They provide honest reliable advice and service. Thanks guys!
David Moore
21:35 26 Aug 19
Great customer service and knowledge!
Hannah Morgan
22:29 20 Aug 19
We used them for IT service for several years. They have been awesome, would recommend them to anyone that has a small or large jobs!
Robyn Ortega
19:21 20 Aug 19
We used them for IT service for several years. They have been awesome, would recommend them to anyone that has a small or large jobs!
Robyn Ortega
19:19 20 Aug 19
I went in for an obscure adapter for a monitor. The young man looked around the shop and found it! We purchased it and took it home to hook up. It was exactly the right part but it didn’t work for us. Next day, we came back to return the part. The same young man happily gave us a refund! He also offered to look into the problem we were having with the computer. Great service! Would go there again if service or parts are needed!
Laura Mapes
02:25 20 Aug 19
Our company has been using PC Works for a long time now. They are always helpful and have great turn around times on all services.
Brian Collins
18:43 15 Aug 19
So far I've returned to thee folks 3 times. Why? Knowledge, Attitude, Friendliness, Expertise. The next project is a Customized PC for the wife....and don't even blink!!
Pat Callahan
00:54 14 May 19
I was able to take my computer in within hours of my call and they cleaned off all the virus’ (108) and Repaired the software issue, etc. I picked it up a day later! They called to check on the computer and answered all my questions!
Jeri Teisl
02:59 02 May 19
PC Works is very knowledgeable and very helpful. Have used them several times and always come away very thankful that I found them!
Donna Jones
03:28 15 Apr 19
PC Works was great to work with. I felt completely confident that the tech was very knowledgeable; they were fast, courteous; and overall a great experience.
Sandra Altenreid
16:01 03 Apr 19
PC Works has been great to deal with. Patrick is very professional and has helped us with our network issues.
Nick Herb
19:49 16 Jan 19
My foster dog kicked my laptop and broke my computer screen. We called and they said to bring the computer in. The longest part was getting the new screen shipped and they got it in on a Monday and back to me that same day. The price was cheaper then my husband thought it would be. Thank you for getting it back to me the same day you got the screen. I missed my pc and use it a lot for my animal rescue. We will use you again to fix my husbands casing when he feels he is ready to give it up.
Patty Grant Aiken
17:47 25 Dec 18
I had a black screen on my monitor and brought my desktop in to have checked out. I told them that I need the computer back ASAP since I use it for my business at home. They were very helpful and I got the computer back at the end of the same day. Awesome service.
Brad Lindstrom
22:53 10 Dec 18
We had just arrived into Prescott from VA when the on/off button on my laptop failed. I took my laptop to the PC Works shop and they did a good job of diagnosing the problem. Unfortunately, the motherboard had gone bad, so they ported over my files to our other laptop and I am happy with the results.
David Delgado
23:30 16 Oct 18
PC works Prescott Arizona, Did really great work on my PC in a very short time even though they were very busy. My PC was up and running better than ever and the price was very good.😀
Chuck Gentles
00:44 08 Oct 18
My would work one day and I took over to PC Works and with in day they had it all fixed and the price was very good. I was very satisfied with their work, I would reccomend them to everyone.
Janet Spencer
02:07 14 Sep 18
We have used PC Works on three occasions. Their staff has always been courteous and professional and we have been completely satisfied with the work they have done for us. Highly recommended.
Richard Hartom
03:10 31 Aug 18
We love PC Works!! Got thorough and quick service. They took care of our laptop and desktop in a timely manner, less than a week. Highly recommended.
Jayne McKillop-Verdon
17:22 19 Aug 18
I can see why they get such high reviews. Brought in an older MacBook Pro which was running slow. Josh suggested a few upgrades and less than 24 hours...
Mike O.
16:33 10 Jul 18
I know I already did a review about PC Works and Josh but here I go again! My husband and I were having issues with our printer and the WiFi. Josh came to...
Lori M.
08:28 09 Jul 18
We have known Pat and Heather Eddolls and their technical staff at PC Works for over 20 years and all these years they have always serviced our computer issues with excellence. Also, we appreciate their sensitivity to come as soon as possible when we are totally down. They are highly knowledgeable of many different kinds of computers, IT systems, software and hardware, as we have a network of computers they service. They are also highly integral and honest people and will get the job done to your satisfaction. You can trust them. We do.
Betty and Bud Miller
Christ Unlimited Ministries
Bible Resources.
Betty Miller
18:12 25 May 18
I was having trouble with my computer, it was running really slow. Found PC Works in the phone book, ( yes I know that that is really old fashion). I took it into them and found that there was nothing that they could do. So I purchased a new one, well refurbished one. it has worked wonderful. Then I had them come out to my home and set up each computer and I pad to the one printer that we have. It is great. Will use them again and again. Great people to work with. Thank you
Marie Traynor
05:19 26 Apr 18
My computer was diagnosed quickly, part was ordered and installed in just a couple days. Repair cost was as quoted, reasonable. And perhaps most important, the man (forget his name) who helped me is another former Marine.
Thomas Cantine
02:08 21 Feb 18
Shiloh Sonnet
16:17 01 Feb 18
the man that came out to get my computer was very nice ,,He came out when he said very timely ..They fixed my computer & had it back when they said ,,The man that brought it back the next day plugged it in for me & explained some of the new icons that were put on Very helpful ,, If I need my computer worked on again I will call on them ..
Betty Morse
00:33 31 Jan 18
My husband's monitor decided to go blank off and on while we were at our vacation home in the Prescott area. I took the laptop to PC Works. Of course when I turned the laptop on at PC Works the monitor came on. I decided to let them do a diagnostic on the laptop and they found several issues with the bios which apparently caused the problem. It now works like a charm! Very quick and efficient work and they called with status updates. All in all a great experience! I recommend them highly for quality repair of your computer.
Susan Marchman
19:07 12 Nov 17
My desktop computer was so slow and the software very outdated. PC Works really helped me understand the how and why of those problems and now I have a laptop that works and gets me what I need when I need it!
Marty Williams
01:18 01 Nov 17
Palmer Inv Prescott
21:04 24 Oct 17
The guys at PC Works did a great job for me and they are very good at what they do.
Gary Carnine
00:08 20 Oct 17
Ok so it was last December I think when I came by for the repair. As I remember it was a total melt down of my PC, based on the fan being clogged with dust. I paid $200 cash, and I was pretty happy with the service and the overall ethics of the operation. The lady in charge was especially involved and cared about doing the best work for me. So, it was a good technical restoration, since it's been smooth sailing since then for my Dell PC.
Derek M. Jolly
21:55 12 Oct 17
great service and a technician who is patient and careful, and explained things clearly, plus fixed our laptop!
Marti Garrison
03:20 24 Sep 17
My computer crashed, and it was the 11th hour...I was responsible for a best friends celebration of life video and was in such a panic. After looking at way to many YouTube instructional videos and trying multiple things myself, I finally gave in and called PC Works (they had good reviews) and happened to be closest to me. They were so compassionate and professional, and reassured me that they would try their hardest to have it back to me as quickly as possible (even though they couldn't make promises). When I arrived with my broken computer, they gave me the best and worst scenarios, and explained the process in detail along with an expected price-line. When they called me back a day early to say it was in working order again, I was pleasantly surprised. I thought their pricing was fair, and there were no unexpected charges. They were so courteous and professional throughout the whole experience. I will definitely recommend PC Works to everyone and anyone that needs help. Although they are close by (a super big plus for me), that's not the reason I am so happy that I've made this connection! It's the simple fact that they know how to run a business, keep their customers happy, are knowledgeable, and professional about it!! PS - I am in no way affiliated or related to any persons that are a part of this organization. It was a very lucky break for me when I found them! The video turned out great, and on time, thanks to PS Works!!! Good luck in all that you do and keep up the good work!!
Diana Everett
17:59 29 Aug 17
Great people, knowledgeable staff, quick turnaround! They care about their customers!!!!
Leslie Ann Howe
18:08 29 Jul 17
The PC Works has been there for us since we moved to PV 2 1/2 years ago with service to our computers as well as having a great laptop to purchase for my husband. Highly recommend!
Carla Foster
23:00 11 May 17
They did a great job getting my laptop up and running for a very fair price. Thanks PC Works.
Valerie Burton Bowcut
01:56 20 Feb 17
Fortunately we found Josh, he is amazing. I have an iMac and Apple products, and yesterday he solved my problems as he did with our television. It was the...
Kaye P.
09:19 10 Sep 16

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