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Hardware Upgrades & Accessories


Do you want a faster system? Put faster parts in it. That’s the simple answer to a question that every PC owner asks from time to time. But replacement parts aren’t free, and cash-strapped computer enthusiasts know that the key is to put their money where it counts most.

Hardware upgrades can extend the life of your current computer. When you purchased your new Computer System, it was the latest and greatest, but six months later there was already a computer better and faster on the market. We can help you keep up with rapidly changing technology by performing simple, low-cost upgrades to your existing computer.



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RAM: Your computer uses RAM, random access memory, to perform functions and operations. More RAM allows your computer to perform more tasks simultaneously and run faster. You can boost performance by installing additional RAM or replacing the existing computer hardware with larger memory sticks. Come in today, and we can check to see if your computer needs more RAM.

Hard drive: Hard drives on most laptops and desktop computers are modular and can be easily swapped for a Solid State Drive (SSD) or a Hard Drive with larger memory capacity. With a larger hard drive, you can store more programs, music, and photos. You can even install more than one hard drive in a desktop computer to expand storage or back up files. With an SSD, you can take advantage of faster boot times and quicker multitasking on your computer, so you don’t have to waste your precious time while working on your computer.

Video card: Graphics processing units, or video cards, are for computers that handle heavy image processing in video games and 3-D rendering software. A new video card can boost the graphics processing ability, allowing you to play the latest games or use your computer as a high-definition entertainment center with your HDTV.

Processor: Your processor has a tremendous impact on the speed and performance of your computer. Our extremely knowledgeable technicians can help you determine if your computer is capable of receiving a newer processor, or if it is time to get you outfitted into a new computer, based on your individual needs.

Printers, Mice, Keyboards & Speakers – ANYTHING!!! : Let us price out your next accessory! Just tell us what you are looking for, and we will get you an estimate for approval.

Custom Built Computers
With Affordable Computer Repairs And Service

  1. Save yourself time and hassle in trying to choose between the mass-manufactured PCs on the market.
  2. You can be assured that your machine has quality stable hardware components and configuration.
  3. You won’t be paying for software/hardware that you don’t need or want.
  4. Your machine won’t be slowed down by space hungry software that you won’t use.
  5. You will be paying for a machine that will speedily do what you want it to do.

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