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MacBook Repair

Our certified Apple Technicians can do most everything with Apple Products. Call to talk to our techs about your job before you make a long drive to Phoenix to an Apple Store. Below are just some of the many items we can handle if you bring your Mac into our store. 

We also offer training on iPhone’s, iPads, and can purchase genuine Apple hardware that can carry up to a 1-year warranty when you complete your repair with us. Call today to talk to one of our techs 928-445-6700 or 928-775-5475.


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MacBook Water Damage Repair

Water damage affected your Mac? Has your keyboard stopped functioning? Has your mac stopped turning on? Have essential data on your Mac and have no way to access it? Are you crunched on time and need to get that project in but can’t access your files?

We at ThePCWorks understand and have a solution for you. Bring your MacBook into our office, and we will put together an estimate for you and get your computer up and running again in no time!

MacBook Air Repair

MacBook Air Malfunctioning? Getting a black screen on startup? MacBook Air Running Slow? Is your MacBook Air getting hot? Getting popups and think you have a potential virus?

Give us a call at 928-445-6700 or Bring it on into the office and we will get to the bottom of it quickly.

MacBook Hard Drive to SSD Migration

Is that old MacBook acting really slow? Are you getting that spinning rainbow wheel more and more? Do you crave speed and efficiency in your mac?

Solid-State Hard Drive technology just might be what you need!

With this upgrade, you will see a drastic speed difference in how fast your Mac boots up and you don’t have to wait to get work done! Bring your Macbook on down and let’s talk about an SSD that’s right for you!

MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook battery died? Don’t consign your computer to the rubbish heap just yet. Our MacBook battery replacement service is fast, and a great value!

We use the same quality batteries you’d get if you paid Apple premiums for your MacBook battery replacement, but our service is much quicker and much cheaper.

This means you don’t have to take a trip to Phoenix! Bring your Mac on in, and we will get you an estimate to get that battery in there and operating in no time!

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Have some of the keys on your MacBook stopped working? Are you having trouble typing those long emails because your shift key isn’t functioning? This can be such a bother.

Fortunately, we have some options to replace that keyboard and get you back up and typing! Come into the office, and we will get you an estimate and get you typing again in no time!

MacBook and iMac Screen Replacement

Cracked or broken MacBook screen? Our MacBook screen repair service is quick and convenient. And because we don’t send your MacBook away to a third-party warehouse for fixing, we can save you money as well as time.

So whether you’ve put a rock through your Retina or a drumstick through your MacBook Air screen, we can help. We’ll identify the correct screen and fit it in time for that scheduled FaceTime meeting.

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