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HD Security Camera System


Security Camera

We have spent years looking for the perfect way to make your home and office more secure and comfortable. And with great efforts, 5 product lines with mature technology are unfolded before your eyes: And we offer accessories for these cameras to well fit in your installation and environment.

THE PC WORKS can install and best advise you in the purchase of your new camera system for your business or home.  And the Network Video Recorder (NVR) and IP camera integrated with the latest 4K technology provide you with excellent view experience on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Wire-Free Security Cameras: With no wires and no cords, the 100% wire-free battery-powered security cameras offer flexible placement. It can be placed anywhere indoors or mounted outdoors. You can choose battery WiFi cameras or battery 4G cameras.
  • Indoor Smart Home Cameras: 355° pan & 105° tilt for every angle covered in your home – no blind spots for 24/7 surveillance. Featuring 4MP super HD, dual-band WiFi, 2-way audio, and more.
  • Security Camera Systems: WiFi or PoE surveillance video systems to offer 24/7 monitoring and non-stop recording. They even support recording and surveillance all day and night without accessing your router network.
  • WiFi/PoE Cameras & NVRs: With 4MP/5MP super HD high resolution, WiFi/PoE cameras keep an eye on what you care about most. The network video recorder (NVR) works perfectly with all these cameras for video storage.
  • Offering a package with a custom computer tagged along with amazing cameras and interfaces will bring this system into a whole new professional level.
  • Battery Powered Security Cameras
  • POE IP Cameras & NVRs
  • WIFI Security Cameras
  • POE and WIFI Security Camera Systems
  • Custom Computers w/ software using Reolink Cameras

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