Never Lose Your Data Again

Never Lose Your Data Again

Never lose your data again

Never lose your data again!!

If one thing we would stress to everybody this year is to have a backup of your files! Wow, how many people we have serviced and they have photos, and important documents and they lose everything!!! Let’s make a plan for you and your business to Never lose your data again! 

Technology has made our lives so easy. We can take photos on our phones, digital cameras and upload them directly to our desktop, laptop, and many other devices. All our important documents can be scanned and kept safe on an external drive or USB. Everything, almost your whole life, can be kept neat and tidy on your computer. With that convenience though, as we all know, comes great risk.

data_recoveryWe’ve all been there -two hours before your last class of the year and you’re about to print our your thesis when you realize your computer is acting strange, then it happens…your computer crashes and all your hard work is lost forever. Not everything can be backed up onto an external hard drive or USB, even if it was -those formats are also at risk of being corrupted and crashing, accidental file deletion, and viruses. With the digital world becoming more and more integrated with our real working lives, it is important to take precautions and be sure to have a plan should your files also be lost. 

There are so many different ways to backup your files and have redundancy. If this is something you think about but keep putting off, or maybe you don’t know how to do this, the time is now to call us for help. In fact we can program different backups to function automatically so you don’t even need to think about it.

DON’T WAIT, until your at the point of losing everything, lets MAKE A PLAN TODAY! Call us for a quote on a back-up plan! 928-775-5474 or 928-445-6700.


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