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Microsoft Office 2016 vs 2019 vs Office 365, Which Is The Best Choice?

Microsoft Office 2016 vs 2019 vs Office 365, Which Is The Best Choice?

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Microsoft is soon launching it’s new version of Office 2019, so with so many options (Office 2016, 2019, or Office 365) which is the best choice?

We’re going to break down the basics of the two different types of Office, so you can choose which one seems like the best for you or your business. Since 2019 isn’t released yet, we’ll be discussing the basics of Office 2016 (which 2019 is the nest version) so we can expect relatively similar options in 2019. 

  1. How each version is paid for: A big difference between Office 2016 (and soon Office 2019) and Office 365 is the way it’s paid for. Office 2016/2019 will be a one-time payment, where you purchase the software and have one license per copy, and this can be used for as long as you want. In Office 365 there is a monthly or annual fee, if you don’t make a payment it lasts for 30 days after and then all services will be unavailable.
  2. The services each version offers: When you buy Office 2016/2019 there are monthly security updates, and bug fixes for the first 5 years, but there are no new updates or additional features. With Office 365 users receive the same security and bug fixes, as well as twice a year new features and functionality.
  3. Cloud connections with the different versions: With the new Office 2019, the cloud services are only going to be available in the 5 year maintenance period. With Office 365 the cloud services will never expire as long as the service is paid for.
  4. Support in the future: Microsoft is planning on stopping all support for all “one-time platforms” (Office 2016/2019) after October in 2025 in an effort to get all customers, business and home users, to switch to Office 365. It can be assumed that with this drop of all support Office 2019 will be the last “one-time purchase” option. Another drawback is that Office 2019 will only run on a Windows 10 machine.

So if you only need the basics of Office to run for as long as you want, then Office 2016 might be for you. If you’d like the service for a short period of use and you run Windows 10, perhaps look into Office 2019 when it releases. Though if you want extended service and updates a subscription of Office 365 might be for you.

We know that each person or business has different needs, so in order to clarify which version of Office you should use (Office 2016, 2019 or 365) give us a call today at 928-775-5475 or 928-445-6700!

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