Managed IT – Business Solutions for the Modern Age

Managed IT – Business Solutions for the Modern Age

Running a business can take a lot of time and work. We at The PC Works know that. That’s why we’re bringing to you our Managed IT Solutions. Business solutions that save you time and money!


– What is Managed IT?

We have created a system that works with your business and its IT needs, and by setting a monthly price to allow for easier budgeting, systems that run smoother, and no need to panic when something goes wrong.

– What are we offering?

    During business hours we will offer support for average desktop need, whether it be help with applications, or systems not running properly. We will also offer extended emergency hours and support.
  2. EMAIL
    This may appear to be something simple, but there’s a lot of administration (adding and removing users), configuration (company signatures), and training (applications or devices) when managing emails for business. Saving you time, and thus money.
    One of the main threats to technology for a business can be a virus. They come in through email or can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of ransomware or malware. Without a strong anti-virus strategy with continuous updates, you could be at risk. We’ll make sure your system is maintained and running properly to avoid viruses.
    Training employees about internet safety, what to do to in case something goes wrong, and to know when to call when a problem is bigger than what they can handle.
  5. LABOR
    As your business grows, you will need to start investing in IT personnel. Adding new members to your team can be expensive when accounting for their pay, benefits, tools, and space in your business. Instead invest in a MSP (Managed IT Service Provider) to cover all your needs at a fraction of the cost.
    Connectivity, whether it is wired between each of your staff members, wireless, or even mobile connections, are required for any business to function properly. A business needs to make sure there’s some level of oversight to ensure that your staff is protected and secure in their day-to-day communications from internal issues and external threats. Don’t forget about overall network performance too. This monitoring can help prevent some catastrophic failures before they happen.
    Most businesses today host many of their applications, documents, and websites using servers or in the cloud. Whether they are hardware or software based, they constantly need to be monitored and maintained to keep your business running efficiently.
    Over time your business is going to need to purchase software, hardware, and services in technology to help your staff be more productive and help your business be more competitive. It’s important to have someone help you oversee these big purchases and help you make the best decisions for your business.
    When storing your important files for your business, there needs to be someone to manage all your data and make sure you have a plan to back it all up on a regular basis as well as the ability to restore it if the need arises.
    Many businesses may work in a regulated environment or follow best practices with internal processes or even comply with basic human resources needs. Your technology may need to meet these regulations or requirements, and you will need someone to ensure your IT can keep up with these needs.
    With any technology in a business there is always a need for some level of security. This can be as simple as user security levels or access to documents, offices, or your building inside your organization. Or, it may be to protect you from outside intruders using a firewall. In any case, you will need someone that can plan, administer, and continually secure your property, assets, and data.
    SPAM or unsolicited email can be a nuisance and a productivity killer. Having a filter in place to block unwanted emails may seem like such a trivial addition to the technology of your business, but there are configuration and continuous updates to keep out unwanted communications.
  13. USERS
    There is a significant amount of preparation, administration, and training with every employee. Your technology needs to be able to keep up with managing your staff when they come on board and ensure they have access to all of the right hardware, software or technology privileges.
  14. VCIO
    You probably can’t afford a full time, real, CIO (chief information officer) for your business, but how about a virtual CIO? It’s our goal to be your go to, able to create a technology roadmap that grows with your business and leverages technology to help you meet your business objectives.

If you are looking for or interested in Managed IT for your business call us today at 928-775-5475 or 928-445-6700!