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Mac Hardware Upgrades

Macbook & iMac SSD Upgrades

Is that old MacBook or iMac acting really slow? Are you getting that spinning rainbow wheel more and more? Do you crave speed and efficiency in your mac?

Solid-State Hard Drive upgrade just might be what you need!

With this upgrade, you will see a drastic speed difference in how fast your Mac boots up and you don’t have to wait to get work done! Bring your Macbook on down and lets talk about an SSD that’s right for you!

Macbook & iMac Memory/Ram Upgrades

If your our Macbook or iMac just doesn’t feel as fast as it did when you first bought it, and opening the browser and loading a few applications seem like an exercise in patience.  It might be time to add some more ram to your Macbook or iMac.

Bring your Macbook or iMac in and our team of Apple Certified Technicians can help get it going faster than ever! Call us at 928-445-6700

iMac Repair

Is your iMac not turning on? Are you getting a blank screen with a blinking folder? Are you worried you might have lost your files? Are you getting strange lines across your screen? Is your iMac stuck at the Apple logo but won’t load into the OS.

We have your solution. Our team of Apple Certified Technicians are highly qualified to get you back up and running as soon as possible. Bring your iMac on in and we will diagnose and solve your problem!

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