IP Phone Systems

IP Phone Systems

ip phone systems

We use a cloud based business IP phone systems and fax. It combines a hosted phone system with advanced call and fax management, reliable phone and fax service, and full-featured HD IP phones that can be pre-configured with limitless setups for easy and high-tech use.

With IP phone systems that are a cloud based system, you can easily connect your office, remote and mobile employees under one phone system, regardless of their location.

Unlike expensive, conventional phone systems, our cloud based system is purchased, activated, setup and managed online, which means we manage it and you use it. By eliminating the need for complex hardware, lengthy installation and technical expertise, you get the functionality and flexibility to easily connect with customers without high costs or hardware hassle.

So why should you think about moving to a phone system that is a cloud based system versus your regular system?

  • Mobility: The mobile app lets you take your cloud business phone system with you wherever you go. With seamless access to your mobile device’s native contact list and your company’s corporate directory, you can quickly make or receive HD voice calls over your cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Additionally, you can see your colleagues’ call presence, check voicemail, and quickly make changes to some of your settings.
  • Price: With the option of using not only a traditional IP phone setup, but a computer based software and a mobile app, you can greatly minimize the cost of a typical phone system.
  • Customer Service: Reps that are kind and easy to work with, making the transition from a regular system to a cloud based system easy and painless.
  • It works with your existing Internet connection, which means very little setup needed and extra costs are at a minimum.
  • Reliability: Because our system is a cloud based system, it’s not dependent on your power or internet connection to continue receiving calls or faxes. Use your mobile phone as one of your forwarding numbers so even if your office internet or power is lost, your calls can still be made and received from your cell phone and even show your business number. Even your faxes can be accessed from your email or browser on your cell phone.
  • Nationwide and International Phone NumbersAs your business scales, we can issue phone numbers in any state to give you the national presence you need to compete in any US region – even if you’re not physically there. We are also partnered with a wide range of international carriers giving you access to phone numbers in almost every country. 
  • Unified Systems: HD Video Calls, an Inbox bringing important messages like voicemails and faxes right to your e-mail Inbox, business SMS texting feature which allows your users to text-to-email and email-to-text, voicemail transcription to intelligently transcribe the voicemail messages sent to your e-mail so you can quickly read the contents, faxing has been streamlined as a “paperless” solution allowing you to send and receive faxes from anywhere.

ip phone systems


If you or your business would be interested in a system like this please give us a call for a FREE Consultation and quote!

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