Get Rid of Cable TV – PC WORKS can help!

Get Rid of Cable TV – PC WORKS can help!

Get Rid of Cable TV – PC WORKS can help!
Get rid of Cable TV

According to the FCC, the average American household spends $64.41/month on cable TV. Most people I talk to pay around $100/month. But if we keep the conservative number, that comes out to $772.92/year, which, according to MarketWatch, is only going up. Those kinds of costs might seem reasonable if cable companies treated us like human beings (they don’t), and only charged us for the channels and shows we watched (they probably never will). But the truth is, the Cable TV industry is broken, and is in dire need of disruption.

Luckily, disruption is well on its way.

There is an entire swath of TV viewers who don’t pay for cable and watch everything they need with a simple internet connection. We have helped several people who know close to nothing about technology or the internet. They used to pay around $120/month on a cable package where they only viewed a handful of shows. We also helped someone trapped in a DISH contract save money to break his agreement over the long run. Now they pay around $0 – $20/month for an internet-only package and they both have accessed more content than they ever did with the cable company. That’s a savings of 70%.

How did they do it?

All you really need to know are three things:

  1. Where to find your TV shows online.
  2. How to get them to play on your TV.
  3. A pain-free and workable way (for you) to do that.

Number three is important because there are hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different ways to approach the first two items. Each one of them is more convoluted and confusing than the next. And even if you think your way is the best, you’d have to know almost every single approach out there to make sure it was the best way to fit your lifestyle and TV habits. And that’s why most people out there are still paying cable companies exorbitant amounts of money. It’s just easier to stick with something you know than to venture out into wasteland of gadgets, buzzwords, and technical jargon that “cord cutters” (that’s what they call themselves) are spewing out all across the internet.

But the good news is you don’t need to know all the latest gadgets, buzzwords, and jargon to get rid of cable. All you need to know is here at THE PC WORKS we know exactly what questions to ask you and what options are available to save you MONEY and get off CABLE TV, DISH, and whatever service that is chaining you down.

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