FBI Says Reboot Router, But That May Not Fix The Problem

FBI Says Reboot Router, But That May Not Fix The Problem

The FBI’s advice to reboot your router is just the first step to actually solving the problem.


  • Rebooting your router disrupts the VPNFilter malware, but does not remove it.

  • To wipe it completely, call us at 928-775-5475 or 928-445-6700 and let us clean and update your router and network!

Last week, the FBI sent out a warning: Reboot your router because a dangerous piece of malware, VPNFilter, has compromised hundreds of thousands of them.

If you did that, good. If not, do it now. But if you really want to be rid of the cyberscourge, it’s necessary to clean and update your router and firmware. We can do that for you!


VPNfilter is a nasty little bugger that could spy on your internet traffic or even slow down your router. But before it can do any of that, it has to load itself up.

The malware comes in three stages.

  1. Stage one infects the router and lays the foundation for the funny business. Once established, stage one finds and downloads stage two, which is the real meat of the problem.
  2. Stage two is the software engine that can start messing around with and slurping up your data, including browser history, usernames, and passwords.
  3. Stage three is the icing on the cake. It comes in various forms that modify the capabilities of the main hacking engine, stage two.

In an announcement on Friday, the FBI recommended rebooting your router. That’s smart, but it removes only stages two and three, leaving stage one to call out to its masters and redownload its business end. This isn’t oversight on the FBI’s part. As the bureau’s statement notes (emphasis ours):

The FBI recommends any owner of small office and home office routers reboot the devices to temporarily disrupt the malware and aid the potential identification of infected devices.

By rebooting our routers in mass, we are not only forcing the infected ones to identify themselves by calling to their masters for a re-download of stages one and two, which tells the FBI where the virus is coming from. It’s a smart strategy, especially if the FBI can solve the root problemBut if you only reboot, your router might remain infected, unless you call us to clean and update your firmware.

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