Is Your Email Compromised? Collection #1 Revealed.

Is Your Email Compromised? Collection #1 Revealed.

Data breaches are becoming increasingly more common, but today’s breach is one of the largest we’ve seen in a while: 1,160,253,228 unique passwords and email addresses have been attributed to a breach that’s being called “Collection #1.”

The collective list of 773 million email addresses from several sources, published to the cloud storage service MEGA, was reported by Troy Hunt, the owner of the HaveIBeenPwned website, which indexes hacked information. The number of email addresses makes it the largest breach ever uploaded. But there’s also 21,222,975 unique passwords released within the breach, stored in plain text for the world to see.

But that’s not really the point: Hunt’s database allows you to check your email address to see if it’s turned up in the latest hack. More importantly, you can also check your password; if both turned up in the breach, you have to assume that someone out there has access to your email.

So…What Can Be Done About This?

  • Check If Your Email/Password has been compromised

  • Change Your Password – If you have been compromised your can change your password into something that’s stronger. A good password contains: a few numbers and letters, special characters, and usually words that have meaning to you so you remember, but that aren’t your personal info (name, same wording as email, dates, etc). If you need help with your passwords call us at (928)775-5475 or (928)445-6700.

  • Check if your accounts have shown they’ve been compromised, by looking for faulty transactions, scam emails, or account traffic that isn’t yours.

If you have any concerns or need help regarding this breach of data, give us a call today at (928)775-5475 or (928)445-6700